The Gilded Cage - 18th - 30th AugustRenown NZ Artist Sharon Finn (wife of Neil Finn)

Exhibit 1

The 'Gilded Cage' is a collection of fantastic and beautiful three dimensional constructions. Adorning frames in the form of mannequins and birdcages with varied materials such as chicken wire, crystals, glass, diamante jewellery, brass stampings and vintage buttons, Sharon Finn creates intricate and magical works. When they are looked at closely these works make reference to the concept of the body as a cage, our inclination to capture and imprison beauty and our desire to adorn our physical form to express our individuality.

Arie Levit - Breaking New Ground






Brendon Mogg, Georgie Gall, Meredith Gaston, Berit Zetterman, Jan Stapleton, Sam Bienstock, Saffron Drew, Margaret Adamczak, Renata Pari & Gareth Graham